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Bloom Buckets

Welcome to Valhaven Farm, where the essence of nature's beauty is captured in our signature Bloom Buckets. Carefully curated and filled with an exquisite assortment of seasonal flowers, these buckets bring the charm of our farm straight to your home. Embrace the celebration of nature's artistry with DIY floral arrangements that turn every day into a masterpiece.

Discover The Blooms

  • Dahlias (25 stems) - $75.00

  • Dahlias (50 stems) - $145.00

  • Peonies (25 stems) - $125.00

  • Peonies (50 stems) - $190.00

  • Peonies (75 stems) - $250.00

  • Peonies (100 stems) - $325.00

  • Mixed Blooms (25 stems, excluding dahlias and peonies) - $65.00

  • Mixed Blooms (50 stems, excluding dahlias and peonies) - $120.00

Individual Pricing:

  • Dahlias - $3.00/stem

  • Peonies - $5.00/stem

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Why Choose Bloom Buckets?

Variety Of Choices

Dive into a world of possibilities with our diverse range of Bloom Buckets. From the vibrant hues of dahlias, the timeless elegance of peonies, and the enchanting mix of seasonal blooms, each bucket is a carefully curated masterpiece waiting to adorn your space.

DIY Floral Magic

Unleash your creativity and transform your living space into a floral haven. Our Bloom Buckets provide the perfect canvas for DIY floral arrangements, allowing you to express your unique style and infuse your home with the magic of fresh, handpicked blooms.

Thoughtful Pricing

Choose the Bloom Bucket that suits your preferences and needs, with pricing options designed to accommodate every flower lover. From small gestures to grand statements, Valhaven Farm has a Bloom Bucket for every occasion.

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